Solar Observing Campaign 2023

Latest observations added at the top.

Images taken with Lunt LS60 or Lunt LS100 in single stack or double stack mode as indicated near the image. Using native focal length for full disk and 2/5x or 3x Barlow lens for prominence and surface detail.
Recording with ASI174. Typically 10% to 20% of 750 / 1000 / 2000 / 5000 frames stacked in AutoStakkert!3 wavelet sharpening in Registax 6 and finishing in Photoshop CS2.
Time-lapse videos with Python script and ffmpeg.

2023-11-24 19:49UT and 20:21UT. There were nice white light sunspots and that was an opportunity to use the white light imaging filter and compare with the H-Alpha line image. For the white light image the 102mm F8 APO with Baader solar foil filter was used and for the H-Alphs the Lunt LS60PT this time with the double stack module.

2023-10-28 18:54UT Today the prominence image didn't turn out right. Either the raw data was bad or the sharpening didn't wotrk right.

2023-10-28 19:18UT and 19:23UT Detail of the surface and a prominence.

2023-10-28 19:22UT to 20:53UT For the same prominence about 100 AVI recordings of 1000 frames were captured and processed into the below timelapse. Towards the end of the timelapse the seeing deteriorated.

2023-09-17 18:24UT Today there were nicer surface structures and less prominences.

2023-09-17 18:31UT to 19:20UT a collection of surface detail with the 3x Barlow and one prominence

2023-08-06 19:02UT Some nice activity today with good detail in several prominences.

2023-08-06 19:30UT to 19:59UT some promence detail.

2023-04-11 19:23UT We had some nice solar activity today. Capturing an overview of surface and prominences and then some details.

2023-04-11 20:14UT Detail of sunspot group with the 2.5x Barlow.

2023-04-11 19:41UT, 20:00UT, 20:11UT detail of prominences with the 2.5x Barlow

2023-02-19 19:26UT Again some nice activity today. At first again a full disk composite with the prominences.

2023-02-19 19:38UT and 19:39UT. Two active regions with high contrast bright spots. There might be some flare activity.

2023-02-19 19:44UT and 19:46UT. Some experimentation with low gamma setting during the exposure to bring out surface detail and prominences at the same time. Gradation curves were enhanced in processing.

2023-01-26 19:22UT. The first observation of the 2023 campaign. There was a lot of activity as the Sun progresses to another maximum in the 11year cycle.

2023-01-26 19:536T & 19:39UT The seeing contitions were not really good but for some active regions I was using the 2.5x Barlow lens for some good surface and prominence details.

Copyright images and processing Gert Gottschalk.
Copyright Bilder und Verarbeitung Gert Gottschalk

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