Solar Observing Campaign 2021

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Images taken with Lunt LS60 or Lunt LS100 in single stack or double stack mode as indicated near the image. Using native focal length for full disk and 2/5x or 3x Barlow lens for prominence and surface detail.
Recording with ASI174. Typically 10% to 20% of 750 / 1000 / 2000 / 5000 frames stacked in AutoStakkert!3 wavelet sharpening in Registax 6 and finishing in Photoshop CS2.
Time-lapse videos with Python script and ffmpeg.

2021-11-24 19:08UT Today was a clear and sunny fall day. As is typical for such a day the seeing today was quite bad. For now just a full disk image with prominences will suffice. The detailed recordings of prominences with the 2.5x Barlow will yet have to be analyzed for seeing quality.

2021-10-29 18:15UT This was a day after the X1 flare was reported from an active region on the Sun. I wanted to see if the activity was still ongoing. The still image below and time lapse video of the sun spot area show a small flare.

2021-10-29 18:35UT A prominence showed much more spectacular activity. Below is a still image and time-lapse video.

2021-10-12 19:20UT Following two windy days the sky was clear but turbulence was strong. Two composite images of surface and prominence exposures. The second experimental with inverted prominences.

2021-10-12 19:25UT The surface exposures with the 3x Barlow lens were impacted by the not perfect seeing conditions. The detail images use 5000 frames which gives a bit better sharpening results. The over exposed surface disk was blackened out in Photoshop.

2021-10-12 19:36UT Again with the 3x Barlow lens as surface detail around the active sunspot.

2021-09-30 18:34UT Another day with some nice activity. Seeing was not very good. Besides the full disk image the detail images did not come out great.

2021-09-30 19:03tUT to 20:43UT There was a nice group of edge prominences. I recorded 91AVIs with the 3x Barlow (too much for the seeing!) and combined into a time-lapse

2021-08-16 19:03UT Some nice prominence activity today. At times with good seeing. Showing a surface / prominence composite here.

2021-08-16 19:41UT / 19:54UT / 20:22UT Using the 2.5x Barlow an enlarged view of the prominence at lower left showing some dynamic motions.

2021-08-16 18:57UT an enlarged view of the prominence on top

2021-08-16 19:04UT active region surface detail

2021-07-30 18:35UT Somewhat less disk activity than the previous session but with more prominences.

The bright prominence at upper right was then recorded for 80 minutes with a 1000frame AVI per minute. The processed frames were then combined into a time-lapse.

2021-07-24 18:38UT. There were no white light sunspots today, but some good activity in H-Alpha.

Following the full disk image the seeing conditions allowed use of the 3x Barlow lens with some detail images of the surface regions and prominences.

2021-05-22 19:21UT. There is finally a nice sunspot activity region. The sunspot is visible in white light as well and H-alpha shows some nice activity around it.

2021-05-22 19:41UT. There are some nice prominences. These were at the western limb of the Sun. The image is rotated to show them standing up from the solar limb. The white photosphere is seen below the transparent Chromosphere.

2021-05-22 19:46UT. The 3x Barlow shows the detail in the sunspot.

I got 12 images from the sunspot from 19:20UT to 20:13UT which were combined into a time-lapse.

2021-05-01 18:55UT After clouds opened up a few images of the solar disk were possible. There is not much activity these days on the full disk.

2021-05-01 19:14UT Monitoring the little active area at upper right in the full disk image with an image scale magnified by 2.5x barlow lens I caught a little flare in the region. The last frame shows a recording with softer gamma setting showing the chromosphere overlaying the photosphere and a small prominence above the active region.

2021-02-21 19:52UT. there were several days of nice sunny weather but not much activity again on the Sun. Today there was one interesting location near the Sun's limb where a filament extended across the edge of the solar disk and became a prominence. The image shows the filament as an absorption feature of hydrogen gas over the disk and then as emission beyond the limb. We also see the limb of the Sun where the sharp defined edge is the photosphere with the somewhat transparent chromosphere on top.

2021-01-31 19:44UT. A break in the rainy weather allowed for the first observation of the 2021 campaign. The seeing was not as bad as expected and there were two nice prominences to see. As an experiment the image composite on the right shows the solar disk as positive and the back ground prominences as negative. perhaps this brings out some faint prominence structures?

Prominences background as positive Prominences background as negative

The two prominences in detail.

Copyright images and processing Gert Gottschalk.
Copyright Bilder und Verarbeitung Gert Gottschalk

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