ST10XME to Pentax 67 Medium Format Lens Adapter

Images at the chip size of the ST10XME (KAF3200ME) at 14.9mm x 10mm yield quite small image diagonals when used with typical telescopes of >1000mm focal length. A capability for more wide field exposures is much desirable. Here photographic lenses come to mind. Unfortunately the optical path length of the ST10XME camera plus filter wheel CFW8 is much longer than the register distance of SLR 35mm lenses. Medium format lenses however provide the spacing and so for this project a Pentax Takumar 67 200mm F4 lens was chosen. (Lens from Ebay) The lens has a bayonet lock. To fit it to the camera's T-2 nose piece an adapter was manufactured. Basis for the adapter is a 14mm Pentax 67 extension ring, normally used for macro photography. With a few modifications a 2" T-2 thread was attached to the ring. This adapter provides the connection between the CCD camera and the 67 lens.

Focussing and F-stop selection is fully manual. A motorized focuser is not planned.

Here a few pictures of the project:



The aluminum ring with T-2 adapter.


The individual components, CCD camera, adapter and lens.


The components assembled.


The setup on the Vixen SP mount.

To prevent flexure I added an aluminum bar with ring to support the frontof the lens.

The whole setup is bolted to the tube rings of the 13" scope which will also serve for guiding.

The first light image with this setup.

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