TVS visit to Lick Observatory 2016-06-07.

A photo blog of the visit to Lick Observatory on 2016-06-07. Many thanks to the resident astronomer Paul Lynam and Pat Maloney for the wonderful tour.

Approaching Lick Observatory on California highway 130.

Here is the first of a series of panoramic shots. Click on the image to see full size version (Large!)

Welcome by resident astronomer Paul Lynam in the observatory backyard.

Resident astronomer Paul Lynam giving a walk around tour highlighting sights of telescopes, buildings and history of the observatory.

The APF (Automated Planet Finder) Telescope. A fully robotic 2.4m telescope dedicated to spectroscopic searched for extra solar planets.

The dome of the largest instrument on Mt. Hamilton, the 3m Shane Telescope.

Paul Lynam giving a talk about the 3m telescope and its current observing program.

We got to see the telescope move around (thanks to Mike the observatory technician!) and the dome slit opening.

Panorama from the 3m catwalk. Click on image for full size version.

Below the observatory floor is the vacuum chamber for on-site re-coating the 3m mirror. The re-coating happens about every 5-6years. The last coating was in February 2016 and the technical staff created a website with time-lapse videos of the work

The Great Refractor. The original instrument of Lick Observatory with 36inch (91cm) aperture was the largest refractor in the world from when it was built 1888 to 1897. Today it is still the third largest refracting telescope after Yerkes Observatory 40inch (102cm) and the Swedish 1m Solar Telescope at La Palma 39.37inch (98cm).

James Lick is buried in the foundation of the pier of the telescope and observatory that the funded.

Observing session with the 36inch. We saw M53, M51 and M102.

There is again a full size version if you click on this photo. The stars in the dome slit are Arcturus (top) Zeta Vir (middle) and Spica (bottom right, next to the pier).

Adding 3 Videos :

The 3m Shane Telescope moving : Video

The dome opening of the 3m Shane Telescope : Video

The operator moving the 36inch : Video

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